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World Leading CRM Solution

Your target should be to utilize a complete, enterprise grade CRM solution, capable of extreme scale and performance for even the most complex organizations. Oracle Siebel CRM, the world’s most complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution, has unrivalled customization and integration capabilities, open architecture for a truly personalized user experience, and can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. Siebel, with solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, is a key component of Oracle’s customer experience (CX) and industry solution strategy.

Oracle Siebel offers,
konularında tüm endüstri dallarına özel uygulamalar ile uçtan uca çözümler sunmaktadır.

User Experience

Unlike most CRM applications, Siebel CRM does not enforce a generic User Experience. With our standards-based UX framework (Open UI), you can create tailored user experiences to directly meet business needs.

Rich Functionality

With solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, Siebel is the world's leading CRM solution offering the richest functionality. Apart from rich functionality, Siebel is based on a very robust data model and offers unparalleled extensibility.


With a fully responsive web design, you can access Siebel CRM from any browser, on any device. You can deploy Siebel CRM over smartphones, tablets, and through many other integration options, such as Microsoft Outlook and voice-enabled devices.


Siebel CRM connects directly with the Siebel XMLP Report server component and the Oracle BI Publisher Server. Siebel CRM uses to parse XML data. A Form field is a feature in Microsoft Word that you use to create a report template in Oracle BI Publisher Desktop. You can strengthen your decision support system with graphical reports.


You can deploy Siebel CRM as Docker containers with Kubernetes orchestration on-premises or in the cloud. This provides for the rapid provisioning of a complete Siebel CRM Application as well as deploying new monthly Siebel CRM release updates into existing environments.


You decide what’s best for you. You have the choice of deployment modes either in your own data center or hosted in the cloud. You can reduce TCO and improve agility with dynamic scaling by running Siebel CRM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Dashboards provide a summary of the most important information for users.

They cater to various user roles, channels, or organizations and can be tailored to accommodate the differences between various industries.

In addition to prebuilt dashboards, our intention is to provide various visual elements needed to create these dashboards as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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