Localization for Turkey

Beyond Compliance with Local Legislation

When it comes to Local Needs,
ERA Offers a Complete Solution...

ERA Localization Applications complying with Turkish financial system covers all of the legal requirements that allows you to easily uniform accounting practices.

Our frequent updates, which have been continuously improved and renewed in line with the demands of our customers over the years, keep the actuality of the software up to date.

Check-Draft Application, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Account Statements, BA / BS Form, Reconciliation Letter and other local needs are fully met by ERA Localization Applications for Turkey.

Do you need more than legal applications?
Then you are at the right address...

Actual Costing

Our Costing Module allows you to make cost management according to generally accepted actual costing methods in Turkey.

Foreign Trade

Managing your import files is very easy. In addition, creating your import costs and distributing these costs to the product cost with the logic you will determine makes your life easier.

Leasing & Insurance Management

These applications are developed for you to manage your leasing transactions and insurance policies.

Barcode Automation

Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing... The applications allow you to manage your stock movements with barcodes in all processes. It offers the opportunity to show your corporate identity to your customers with its special label design.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

You can increase the efficiency of your employees with an easy-to-use application instead of complex warehouse management applications.


DDS (Direct Debiting System) is designed to manage your transactions. Additionally, it supports credit limit management by updating DDS information with Bank integration.

We would be happy to come together to understand your bottlenecks and evaluate solutions together.

Do you wish for an international application to cover all your local processes?

In this case, our integrated E-Transformation applications will provide you with a professional solution.

You complete your e-transformation journey with our
e-Ledger, e-Invoice, e-Export, e-Archive, e-Waybill and e-Producer applications.

ConsERA e-Reconciliation Application,
which provides balance and BA/BS pre-agreement with your Customers and Suppliers,
allows you to spend your time on jobs with
high added value by increasing your efficiency.

ERA e-Transformation

As the world becoming more and more digital, technology has become more and more involved in every phase of our lives. In the digitalization process of the enterprises, the some major services play an important role in this lifecycle.
ERA E-Transformation applications make life easier by enriching the functions they need in invoice, ledger and waybill processes with approval mechanism, process automation and other features in order to make business units more efficient.

ERA Enterprise Solutions

ERA offers enterprise solutions with rich functionality and workflow approval mechanisms designed with up-to-date technology according to the needs of companies with the advantage of convenient budget and rapid implementation.
Perform your reconciliation processes and (Form BA) and (Form BS) controls quickly, easily and efficiently with ConsERA e-Reconciliation. Decrease costs and increase profitability by controlling your expenses with ExpERA Expense Management.

We would be happy to come together to understand your bottlenecks and evaluate solutions together.
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