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Continuity of a system is provided with domination of use and quick resolution of errors...

Training and Support Services
Benefiting from the software depends on the dominance of the solution by the people who use the software. Our top priority is to increase the knowledge level of users with on-site and remote education. With the support services we offer, our most important goal is to eliminate errors instantly, to protect data integrity and to maintain system efficiency.

Functional Training

We provide customer-specific and on-site/remote functional trainings on modules of Oracle on premise and cloud business applications.

Technical Training

You can benefit from our customer-specific on-site/remote training services on technical issues related to Oracle JD Edwards and Oracle BI applications.

Support Services

In order to ensure the continuity of your system, you can benefit from our support services regarding Oracle business applications with our experienced support team.

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Installation, Configuration, Integration, Database, Application and Technical Infrastructure Support Services

The way to get high benefits from your IT investment is to,

  • To fix software errors instantly and to ensure the continuity of the system
  • To detect user errors fast
  • To keep the employee performance at the highest level by eliminating the lack of system knowledge.

We are aware of this and we are always with you with our support services.

Your request will be evaluated by our support team and will be returned as soon as possible.



No. We plan special training courses according to customer demand.
We plan our trainings taking into account the needs of our customers. In case of classroom training, we prefer the participation of a maximum of 5-10 people depending on the subject so that it does not affect the quality of the education.
We provide intervention and solution within the SLA level and times determined according to the criticality level of the problem.
You will be prompted to login to the support system to create a “ticket” to manage this issue. We use the response and resolution times for each ticket opened, both to measure the solution provided and to monitor our own internal performance.
In order to provide a quick solution, the first response is done remotely. If the solution cannot be provided remotely, on-site intervention is performed.
When you look at the speed of reaching the solution and the cost, it is to your advantage to be contracted.
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