e-Ledger| e-Invoice| e-Waybill| e-Producer

E-Transformation is not only Digitalization,
But also providing increase in productivity with process automation.

Complete Digital Transformation
With the world becoming more and more digital, technology has started to take place more and more in every phase of our lives.
ERA e-transformation applications make business units more efficient by enriching the Ledger, Invoice and Waybill functions with approval mechanism, process automation and other features.


ERA e-Ledger has the feature of taking the accounting data and creating the journal book, general ledger and related certificate files in accordance with the standards determined by GIB and sending them online to the Revenue Administration. It is platform independent. It works integrated with all ERP and accounting applications.


ERA e-Invoice sends and receives your invoices digitally and stores them at the same time. While eliminating paper costs, it also provides automation with approval mechanism and workflow functions. It is platform independent.
It works integrated with all ERP and accounting applications.


ERA e-Archive has similar features to e-Invoice application. It has been developed for the management of invoices issued to e-Archive taxpayers and incoming e-archive invoices. It also provides automation with the approval mechanism and workflow functions and automatic forwarding of invoices to the relevant department.


ERA e-Waybill is a digital waybill management that contains the information required to be included in the waybill as per the Law No. VUK 213, and its standards are determined by the Revenue Administration. ERA e-Waybill works integrated with other e-transformation modules, e-Invoice and e-Archive applications.


ERA e-Producer is an application that covers the digital creation of the producer's receipt in accordance with the standards determined by GIB, and the storage and submission of both paper and electronic media. The e-Producer Certificate is an electronic document that has the same legal values as the producer's receipt.


ERA e-Insurance Policy and e-Insurance Commission Expense Document is a set of practices that allow the aforementioned documents to be prepared, kept and submitted in digital environment as electronic documents, which are currently required to be prepared, preserved and submitted.

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