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Functional Business Applications Designed with Over Twenty Years of Experience

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ERA offers business solutions designed in the light of its experience in the sectors gained in more than twenty years with up-to-date technology, rich functionality, workflow mechanisms and high price-cost advantage.

Localization for Turkey

The localization for Turkey we have developed covers all legal local needs that are suitable for the financial system and enables you to easily implement uniform accounting.
Our localization applications, which have been continuously developed and renewed in line with the demands received over the years, always stay up-to-date.
Check-Note Application, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Account Statements, BA/BS Form, Reconciliation and other local needs are fully met.

Barcode Automation

Barcode applications specially designed for JD Edwards ERP eliminate the need to integrate a third party software into the ERP solution.
Our solution, which eliminates the difficulty of managing two separate systems, enables users to work with high performance thanks to the ergonomic design of our mobile applications.
With our mobile applications running on Android or IoS platforms, we provide companies that desire barcode automation freedom to use any device they wish.

ConsERA | eReconciliation

ConsERA e-Reconciliation provides automation to perform your BA/BS and Account Balance Reconciliations quickly, easily and effectively.
Considering the loss of time in the reconciliation processes, it is now very easy to use your resources more efficiently. Increase your response rate while improving your response speed with ConsERA e-Reconciliation.
Start saving time and increasing efficiency at a high rate by digitizing your reconciliation processes.

ExpERA | Expense

ExpERA is an expense management system with rich functionality and workflow approval mechanism designed according to the needs of companies.
With ExpERA Expense Management, you can have an integrated structure into your financial system while digitizing your entire process.
With the incorporation of all related departments, you can increase your profitability by reducing your expenses with better control of your expenses and costs.

ProcERA | Procurement

ProcERA Purchasing Management allows you to manage the entire process of material and service procurement, while providing versatile monitoring.
You can monitor supplier performance effectively, thanks to the ability to integrate with all ERP and accounting applications.
While ProcERA Purchasing Management digitizes your demand-offer-order process, it includes all relevant parties in the process with supplier evaluation, budget control and workflow approval mechanism.

ERA e-Transformation

With the world becoming more and more digital, technology has started to take place more and more in every stage of our lives.
ERA e-transformation applications make business units more efficient by enriching the Ledger, Invoice and Waybill functions with approval mechanism, process automation and other features.
For ERA, e-Transformation is not only digitalization, but also bringing productivity increase with process automation functions.

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