Barcode Automation

Warehouse Management and Barcode Automation

Warehouse Automation with Barcode Supported Applications

Specific Solution for JD Edwards ERP
Integrating a third-party software for barcode applications into your ERP solution brings the challenge of managing two separate systems.

Mobile Use

With Android and IoS applications, you can use your mobile devices regardless of model. With a direct connection to the system, real-time usage prevents user errors.

User Management

All user definitions and authorizations are automatically retrieved from JD Edwards ERP. You do not need to define user, authorization and printer definitions. This includes field restrictions.

Barcode Label

Barcode and QR code are supported. Labels can be designed reflecting your corporate culture. As transactions take place, labels are automatically printed from user-defined printers.

You can easily manage all movements in the field,
from the entry of the material to the shipment,
with mobile devices.

You can design your company-specific labels in the languages you want.

With ERA Barcode Automation
No need to integrate 3rd party software
You work in real time with ERP
You can assign your picking lists to your operators
You can make cycle counts by reading the barcode

You can work with any device with Android and IoS applications.

Make Your Daily Life Efficient with ERA Barcode Automation

You can improve your stock level by controlling material movements at all points from goods receipt to shipment. Mobile devices with barcode readers save time by enabling you to make transactions in a much more practical way.

Mobile Application

Ergonomic Design
Provides Ease of Use.

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Whether Android or IOS…

Have the freedom to use any device you want.

We would be happy to come together to understand your bottlenecks and evaluate solutions together.
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